At Vertical Solutions, we’re interested in what drives your business – and what’s to come. Follow along as we explore the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), ERP/CRM/FSM, and Big Data that are all driving towards the delivery of more intelligent services. How will these decisions impact servitization models, customer satisfaction, and your ability to generate new services and revenues?

How the Cloud, IoT, and AI are Driving the Post-Sales Services Revolution for Manufacturing

Manufacturers increasingly recognize that a focus on post-sales services can drive significant revenue. From tightening processes in entitlement management to building new long-tail service solutions, aftermarket service for manufacturers is growing in importance. Key to [...]

You Can’t Put Your Finger On It – But You’re Losing Post-Sales Service Revenue

You’re losing revenue. Often times you may even have ideas where you’re losing it. In these days where products are increasingly commoditized, post-sales service has become a key strategy in regaining lost revenues. Could it [...]

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