Built from the Ground Up

Vertical Solutions, Inc.’s next-generation technology solutions include VServiceManagement™ for customer support, field service, and mobile environments, and VContactCenter™ for internal, external, and hybrid contact centers.

These applications are built on VSI’s cloud-based technology platform, the Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ , and delivered as a service or on-premise in a private or public cloud environment.

Enterprise Application Strategy

Core Strengths

Field Service & Customer Experience

Vertical Solutions delivers comprehensive, next generation, enterprise Field Service and Customer Experience solutions to help you provide an outstanding customer service experience.
If you are tasked with transforming customers into raving fans we have a solution for you. If delivering a great service experience is critical to your long-term customer satisfaction and to your bottom-line then you need to look into our solutions.

If you see your Customer Service team and/or your Field Service unit as profit centers and want to help them maximize revenue, minimize cost, and increase customer retention & satisfaction, then you need to schedule a call to learn more about VServiceManagement™ and VContactCenter™.


Vertical Solutions’ award winning, ultra-flexible cloud technology enables us to offer all the benefits, scalability, ease of adoption, and simplified infrastructure of a public cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment. However, when your needs demand it, we can also deploy our solutions as an enterprise private cloud tailored to be fully integrated with your existing systems ensuring seamless functionality and total control of your customer information. Vertical Solutions enterprise private cloud platform provides unique benefits that go well beyond the traditional ease of adoption and simplified infrastructure management offered by other cloud software providers.

With Vertical Solutions you are always in control. Only Vertical Solutions can provide you the flexibility and the choice to embrace cloud technology on your own terms (public, private or hybrid) without second thoughts, hesitations, or compromises.


Our exclusive AppliedSocial technology provides you with a comprehensive, 360 degree, unique view of your client regardless of your point of view and of the channel they choose to use to communicate with you. AppliedSocial technology also provides a perfect platform for internal team collaboration and knowledge transfer. When it comes to Field Service, not only can you be Social with your customers and your field engineers but you can actually “follow” specific customers and customer locations, technicians and field engineers or even specific equipment units. This enables you to easily keep an eye on the progress of your last batch of new hires, stay updated on the status of that troublesome repair or know everything that’s done to a specific critical unit from a large and important client.

The AppliedSocial technology enables you to receive and process customer requests from multiple channels, allowing you to interact and communicate with your customers in the way they choose to communicate.

Vertical Solutions' AppliedSocial technology cuts through the hype sold by other cloud software providers and delivers, right away, real, practical competitive advantages to you and your team.


VSI offers online, hybrid, and offline solutions. Our HTML5 development provides “device agnostic” capabilities that provide flexibility to end user organizations in regards to hardware and software investments; lowering your TCO and overall IT expenditure. Our technology easily accommodates laptops, netbooks, tablets (iPad, Android, PC) and also smart phones (iPhone, Android, etc.) With over twenty five years of service mobility experience, as the world moves further into mobility, we will continue to lead the way.


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