Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology platform from Vertical Solutions, Inc. This new technology consists of core layers of functionality upon which individual custom applications like VContactCenter™ and VServiceManagement™ were quickly and easily built.

VSP™ is a robust, layered platform that provides a solid foundation for developers to create applications that can be modified quickly and efficiently by business analysts. This revolutionary approach enables businesses to have the flexible solutions they need without expensive custom programming or developer-intensive modifications.


  • Elasticity
  • Multi-Tenancy for Data and Infrastructure
  • Flexibility
  • Data Independence
  • On-Premise and Cloud Deployments
  • HTML5 UI extensions
  • Release Management


  • True Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Provide multi-tenant solutions internally to your operations
  • Browser neutral technology
  • Business Process Management (BPM) driven platform
  • Multi-level security and compliance
  • Innovation ahead of its time

On-Premise vs. On-Demand

VSI’s On-Demand (Public Cloud) model allows multiple clients to be securely hosted on the same hardware configuration, without concern for data integrity or release management.

VSI’s On-Demand (Private Cloud) model allows clients the ability to have their own “Private Cloud” dedicated to their business when necessary.

VSI’s traditional On-Premise (or Private Cloud) model allows clients to be securely hosted on their own hardware configuration in a traditional license for sale model that will provide the latest web technologies while utilizing your current IT operations.

Vertical Solutions, Inc. (VSI)’s Premiere Collocation Partner is Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions (CBTS). More information regarding CBTS is available at

Features and Functionality


Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ lowers the cost of hosting applications in the cloud via elastic expansion and contraction of environments across servers. This processing on demand provides the ability to host mixed environments at a lower cost. (Beta Q1 - 2011)

Multi-Tenancy for Data and Infrastructure

VSP™ supports a single tenant physical database or a multi-tenant physical database with multiple logical separations. At the infrastructure level, VSP™ enables developers to use a dedicated or a shared section of the cloud, depending on legal, security and cost concerns.


Develop applications to fit specific business models that meet customers’ needs. You control how your platform and application(s) perform at three different levels: business-level rules, technical-level schema and workflow, and developer-level platform access.  With VSP™ you can create, edit, or enhance the platform as you see fit.

Data Independence

VSP™ offers options that are easy, scalable, and that meet your requirements.  Keep a full copy of the database and environment on-site, or back up your database online by using physical media at regularly scheduled intervals.  Should you decide to convert, you can request the database at any time.

On-Premise and Cloud Deployments

Choose a single implementation methodology, or a combination of both depending on each specific environment. VSP™ incorporates an entire toolkit that allows you to shave significant time off your implementation, driving overall savings.

Release Management

Test environments can mirror production environments by running safely on the exact same hardware. Each test phase can run on multiple environments, with a one-click release progression between each. Upgrades can be done at the client’s pace, not based on the provider’s calendar. In addition, on-premise and cloud versions use the same infrastructure in VSP™.


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