VContactCenter™ helps you lead with customer service. This CX (Customer Experience) Contact Center Management solution was built from the ground up on our cloud-based technology platform. VContactCenter™'s multichannel capabilities automate and strengthen your service interactions, including social media. You can deliver seamless, consistent support based on proven business processes.
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Modules of VContactCenter™

Overview of VContactCenter™


  • Enable group collaboration
  • Integrate knowledge and legacy information with Data Segmentation
  • Tip Expert to provide situational guidance for agents
  • Implement flexible business process management with ease
  • Enable your organization to grow and change to meet new business challenges and opportunities


  • 100% Cloud Technology
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Simplified creation and management of business processes
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Social CRM
  • Customer and Knowledge-Centric Technology
  • Enable group collaboration
  • Maximize knowledge sharing
  • Build agent relationships
  • Create straightforward processes or complex, integrated processes
  • Automate intricate processes
  • Driven by business, not by IT

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Business Process Management (BPM)

"If you can write a business process down, you can create a workflow for it in VContactCenter™ – it’s that easy."

VContactCenter™ was developed using platform-layer technology, which delivers exceptionally powerful performance at exponentially faster speeds. Business users are now empowered to create their own processes, with no dependency on an internal or external development team.

A simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface gives business users a visual tool to design, test, implement, and document their business processes simultaneously. Base workflows can serve as templates for different customers or business units; allowing the base workflow to be copied and modified to meet the specific need.

Whether responding to an escalation or web service event, or simply sending an e-mail notification when a new request is opened, VContactCenter™ BPM can respond to allow your organization to be efficient and proactive in your day to day operations.

Learn more about the VContactCenter™ workflow.


  • Libraries of workflow templates can be created, shared, or customized, quickly and easily
  • Drag-and-drop feature enables users to build upon shared knowledge
  • Integrate seamlessly with multiple databases
  • Integrate multiple, adjacent tasks and incidents into workflows
  • Reduce and/or eliminate manual processes
  • Systematically develop workflows


  • Improve contact center operations to adhere to best practices and enhance outcomes
  • Quickly and easily maneuver once daunting tasks
  • Make changes and add necessary functionality
  • Little to no intervention of IT or external programming
  • High level of configurability
  • Reduce the time required to build and implement new workflows

CRM for Contact Centers

"With VContactCenter™, you can take everyday request processing to the next level, with an application that grows with your business."

Today’s contact centers do more than process transactions and manage incidents – they drive revenue, build customer relationships, and capture valuable information. Customers expect every channel – from phone calls, chat, and email to self-help, forums, and social networking – to shape a cohesive picture of their needs; this information must be at the agent’s fingertips for fast, responsive service.

With VContactCenter™ from Vertical Solutions, you can easily deploy your proven CRM support processes on a flexible, cloud-computing-based platform that enables a consistent, multi-channel approach.


  • True cloud based CRM for support and service
  • SOA Compliant Technology
  • True web-based workflow/BPM
  • Social CRM
  • Knowledge Management
  • Data Segmentation
  • Workflow/BPM
  • Tip Expert and Agent Guidance


  • Next Generation CRM for Contact Centers
  • Quickly Deploy and Integrate (SOA)
  • Easily Create and Manage Your Business Processes (BPM)
  • Multi-Channel Support including Social CRM
  • Customer and Knowledge-Centric Technology
  • Maximize knowledge sharing
  • Build agent relationships
  • Create straightforward processes or complex, integrated processes
  • Automate intricate processes
  • Deploy processes rapidly
  • Driven by business, not by IT

Social CRM

"Social CRM technology enables today’s contact centers to move beyond incident management and toward building a community."

VContactCenter™ incorporates the latest private and public social CRM technologies into the contact center to enhance customer interactions, speed transactions, and build personalized communities. This innovative approach engages your staff while enabling your contact center to benefit from improved knowledge sharing and team building via these immediate and collaborative tools.


  • Enable subscriptions to particular contacts and clients
  • Integrate directly with the knowledge base
  • Fully utilize internal documentation and information among all areas of the organization via instantaneous knowledge sharing
  • Version controls ensure that all materials are fully up to date
  • Permit contact center management and staff to "subscribe" to particular contacts, clients, products, etc. to gain ongoing insight into your customer’s experience


  • Promote sharing knowledge
  • Bring new employees up to speed
  • Boost company morale
  • Promote knowledge transfer
  • Build libraries of resources
  • Learn about your customer’s experience

Knowledge Management

"VContactCenter™’s Knowledge Management functionality makes it easy to connect the right information to the right resources."

Good contact centers become great contact centers when they effectively capture and share knowledge. The right information enables agents to solve problems quicker, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity. VContactCenter™’s Knowledge Management solution enables your contact center to streamline the steps involved in connecting your agents with the right information.


  • Establish your own parameters and processes for creating, managing, and publishing knowledge articles without expensive customization
  • Quickly and easily create Wiki articles directly from resolved requests, allowing other agents to benefit from successful resolution processes
  • Manage versioning and editing with the history tab, which tracks every edit to a document from its creation
  • Permit agents to rate articles, and display those articles with the highest rank at the top
  • Workflow Engine enables you to establish your own parameters for knowledge creation, management, and publication – you no longer have to conform to arbitrary processes


  • Uses a wiki-based platform
  • Easily create knowledge articles
  • Create standard formatting and tagging
  • Develop more than one knowledge base
  • Grant permission level assignment
  • Enhance access to useful information
  • Streamline access to best practices
  • Increase agent collaboration
  • Improve agent productivity
  • Limit "tribal knowledge"

Data Segmentation

"With VContactCenter™, creating partitions of data is as easy as adding a new customer."

Today’s contact center is a hub of business activity, touching multiple business units and even multiple clients. While some business processes and databases can be shared among these various groups, most contact centers have complex data management needs that require segmentation.

VContactCenter™ offers a robust, innate data segmentation function that enables your contact center to create partitions of data. Whether your contact center requires multiple segments for individual clients, or data security for various business units, VContactCenter™ offers an easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage data segmentation option.


  • Create partitions of data for individual clients, business units, or entities, each with its own customized workflow, business processes, and nomenclature
  • Improve security by enabling access to only authorized users, and enable multiple users to access more than one segment
  • Establish individual partitions quickly and easily, without database experts or expensive programming, via options from the main menu of VContactCenter™
  • Manage multiple business units, clients, or entities from the same core application, partitioned via secure log-in and authentication


  • Simplify creation of new data segments
  • Decrease manual table segmentation
  • Grant permission level assignment
  • Enable creation of business processes, workflows, and nomenclature
  • Customize operations by client and/or business unit
  • Manage multiple clients and business units

Agent Guidance

VContactCenter™ offers guidance functions for system users (Call Center Agents), to help provide pertinent information moving forward regarding the data being captured during the end to end service process (i.e. Enforced).

VContactCenter™ offers a situational guidance function, Tip Expert, to help provide system users pertinent information and suggestions regarding data captured during the request-taking process (i.e. Suggested).


  • Tip Expert is suggested guidance for system users
  • Agent Guidance can be enforced all the way to the data capture field level
  • Can be based on security profiles
  • Can also be included in the Self-Help Portals


  • Onboard users more quickly, minimizing upfront training expenses
  • Provide guidance for users to ensure streamlined processes and information sharing
  • Provide up-sell and cross-sell information for your service organizations
  • Alert multi-faceted support (sites, business lines, etc.) organizations with real-time information regarding clients, business, products, etc

Contract and Warranty Support

VContactCenter™’s Support Contracts functionality enables the management of the full life-cycle of contracts from initial proposal (including multiple pricing options) through activation and retirement. We support asset-based and product-class based contracts in addition to multiple draw down types and integrated multi-tiered warranty management. This functionality tightly integrates with your operations for seamless application of entitlements including SLAs, billing terms and coverage plans.


  • Manage entitlement scenarios within your CXM (Customer Experience Management)
  • Highly flexible and configurable contracts and warranty support
  • Easily integrate and leverage current contract and warranty information


  • Turn cost center into profit center
  • Provide agents appropriate information
  • Quickly and easily provide appropriate service for your customers
  • Improve entitlement opportunities to add revenue to your bottom line


Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ applications contain multiple tools to enhance your ability to report and trend on your business interactions. VSP™ incorporates best practices, industry Key Performance Inicators (KPIs) and over twenty years of experience in the support services marketplace for out of the box reporting which is native to the applications. Configurable dashboards based on security driven roles enable system users to view data and drill down into associated details. VSP™ also supports Microsoft®, Crystal®, and Cognos® amongst other reporting technologies.

In addition VSP™ leverages several additional reporting functions that can be included in your licensing schema.

  • VReport Wizard™ (powered by Exago®)

    • Traditional ad hoc report writers do not allow end users to create a single report containing multiple one-to-many relationships. (Example: a report that required a detailed listing by store, of revenue by each kitchen appliance sold and revenue by each hardware item sold, with subtotals by kitchen appliances and subtotals by hardware.) Rather than having to go thru the complicated process of creating and linking sub reports, VReport Wizard allows the end user to design one comprehensive report.

VSP™ applications provide the appropriate tools for your company to benchmark KPIs as well as ad hoc reporting options. Please contact for further information regarding our technology.


  • Standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reporting
  • Industry standard reporting
  • Multiple reporting options
  • IT and Business user reporting tools


  • Leverage current reporting tools
  • Enable ad-hoc reporting
  • Easily export data to leverage other reporting needs


Client Portal - Self Help with Login

The Client Portal offers an extranet and an intranet portal access for end users. Each of these types can also utilize an embedded option which allows control of the portal from within enterprise websites. The Client Portal is a security driven customer facing option and is a login required licensing model.

The Dealer Portal offers an extranet and an intranet portal access for end users and Dealer Networks. Each of these types can also utilize an embedded option which allows control of the portal from within enterprise websites. The Dealer Portal is a security driven customer facing option and is a login required licensing model that can enable further self help options for Dealers and Third-Party support service organizations.


  • Multiple levels of self-help
  • Embed knowledge management
  • Drive your end users via guidance
  • Limit internal head count
  • Integrate to your web strategy


  • Increase customer knowledge share
  • Promote additional services
  • Enable your call center agents to focus on higher priority requests
  • Increase customer retention
  • Streamline your support processes
  • Eliminate redudant call volumes


The Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ Broker enables the monitoring of multiple email boxes within an organization. Emails sent to one of the monitored mailboxes can then be processed through the VSP™ Workflow engine with intuitive actions taken based on such data as the "from" address, "to" address, subject, and body of the email.

The workflow engine can, based on the inbound email, then perform actions that are available in the application. The workflow can create new, or update existing requests, create new contact or organization records; initiate customer specific processes in VSP™ applications or any other application. Additionally, emails can be sent automatically to the sender to acknowledge receipt of the email, as well as to people within the support service organization to inform them of receipt.


  • Automate incoming email requests
  • Initiate requests via external systems
  • Track email threads in and out of your contact center
  • Automatically initiate workflow


  • Track and manage communication
  • Ease of integration to external systems, databases, and websites
  • Automate standard responses


Telephony (CTI) and Unified Communications (UC)

    Integration enables an organization to automatically populate a request form with information attained via the customer’s phone system (PBX and ACD). As technology moves forward quickly the ability to manage multi channel communication such as phone, chat, fax, and email can enhance your customer’s experience. Vertical Solutions, Inc continues to leverage providers such as Cisco®, Avaya®, Aspect®, InContact®, Shoretel®, Interactive Intelligence® and others to maximize value.

Single Sign On (SSO)

    Integration allows system users to log into the VSP applications seamlessly by utilizing integration between Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ and SSO applications such as Tivoli® Global Sign On, SecureLogin®, PassWerks® amongst others.

Active Directory (AD)

    Integration enables VSP™ applications to synchronize Active directory or LDAP compliant systems to control and monitor logins and access to Caller / Contact tables and display LDAP information.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    Though VSP™ applications can run as standalone systems, VContactCenter™ can leverage an ERP system’s inventory, logistics, and financial functionalities while creating a CXM (Customer Experience Management) “front end” that is far more functional and flexible to accommodate both the contact center operations and field service organization. Possible touch points typically include (sample only) Customer Master, Product Master, Warranty, Contract Sales Renewal, Service Billing, Parts Orders, Parts Usage, etc.

    Sample ERP integrations include NetSuite®, SAP®, Oracle®, JD Edwards®, Microsoft Dynamics®, AS/400 applications, BAAN®, etc.

Customer Relationship Management (Sales CRM)

    VSP™ applications are focused on support and service. Whether you have a homegrown Sales Tool, an ERP vendor Sales Tool, or an off the shelf Sales CRM Tool, VSI can easily integrate to form a closed loop around the client and interactions and potential future opportunities. Sample CRM Sales integrations include®, Microsoft CRM®, Sales Order Configuration tools, etc.

VSP™ is a SOA compliant platform and can easily integrate and leverage your current systems. Please contact for further information regarding our technology.


  • SOA-compliant
  • Integrate via web-based workflow and BPM technologies
  • Leverage unified communication strategies
  • Synchonize with current IT investments


  • Leverage existing systems
  • Automate processes via workflow
  • Minimize IT involvement
  • Reusable integration techniques


Business Studio – Business Analyst

Business Studio allows Administrators and Users (based on security profile) to create and modify request forms within the Vertical Services Platform™ – VSP™ applications. With drag-and-drop functionality users can continue to easily enhance the user experience and support the business needs of the operation. This tool can be included in the purchase of licensing and is typically leveraged after the initial phases of the project to further enhance your Return on Investment (ROI). Minimal training is required.


  • IT and business oriented tools
  • Multiple levels of configuration and customizability capabilities
  • Online and on-site training sessions
  • Industry standard language development
  • Access anywhere, anytime via any browser


  • Reduce ongoing costs
  • Allow your operation to "own the technology"
  • Leverage internal resources
  • Use leading technology and languages
  • Easily staff and support VSP™ applications
  • Build additional functionality on platform technology


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