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What is the “VIP Partner Program?”

The “Vertical’s Important People” or the “VIP” Partner Program is the evolution of VSI’s user group throughout the past twenty years. The VIP Partner Program is a consortium of relationships that VSI has established to extend our software, software as a service, and consulting service offerings. We encourage your company to contact VSI to discuss possible business relationships that can increase not only your bottom line but also your footprint in the market place.

Why Partner with VSI?

When you join the VIP Partner Program, you get benefits that can help you strengthen your capabilities, better serve customers, and build connections to reach your full business potential. You’ll be able to make the most of your unique expertise with technology and support for your business. And as you invest more in your VIP partner relationship, Vertical Solutions, Inc. recognizes your commitment with higher-value benefits. Whether you’re a consultancy, call center outsourcer, or a technology company, the VIP Partner Program can increase your offerings as well as your bottom line.

Our Partners

Vertical Solutions, Inc (VSI) prides itself on integrity and believes customer service and a strong Partner network are essential to long term success. In a rapidly changing world with technology overloads, it’s time for a reality check in selecting not a mega-conglomerate vendor whose strategy and deliverables change with every acquisition, but a long-term business partner. Consider a partner that combines the new with the old; new technologies that enable our clients to better serve their own customers, and old values – loyalty, commitment, and dedication – which allow Vertical Solutions, Inc. to set the standard in customer service.


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